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This website is part of the USC Annenberg Digital Archives. Read More

Credits / Bibliography

All quotes are from the author's interviews unless otherwise noted. The following people were interviewed for this project: 

Alex Thompson, Arnie Berghoff, Bernard Parks, Bill Boyarsky, Bill Delvac, Bob Stern, Brendan Huffman, Carol Schatz, Caroline O’Connor (County Fed spokesperson), D.J. Waldie, Damien Goodmon, David Abel, Greg Speigel, Harold Meyerson, Harvey Englander, Jaboner Jackson (pseudonym; blogger at Football, an excellent source for LA football), Jack Humphreville, Joe Matthews, Joel Kotkin, Judy Price, Kathay Feng, Mike Woo, Parke Skelton, Paul Castro (, Raphael Sonenshein, Richard Riordan, Ron Kaye, Shawn Simons, Steve Afriat, William Deverell

The following books were used as resources:

Buntin, John. L.A. Noir. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2009.

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