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This website is part of the USC Annenberg Digital Archives. Read More

Farmers Field

AEG's proposal to bring football back to Los Angeles is nothing if not audacious. The mega-developer would construct Farmers Field, a $1.2 billion, 72,000-seat stadium with a retraceable roof in the southwest corner of downtown Los Angeles, wedged in between the Staples Center and the Harbor Freeway (the naming rights have already been purchased by Farmers Insurance for $700 million). AEG would also tear down the part of the Convention Center above Pico Blvd. known as the West Hall and rebuild the space as an attachment to the South Hall, the larger half of the Convention Center, below Pico. And that's where things get complicated... more »

2011 School Board Elections

Four seats on the Board of Education were up for grabs in the March 8, 2011, election. District 5, which covers parts of Los Feliz, Burbank, East L.A. and Vernon, was an open seat and pitted a school-reform candidate, Luis Sanchez, against the teachers union choice, Bennett Kayser. In this, the only competitive school-board race of the year, more than $3.3 million was spent — topping any local race this year, and almost reaching the amount spent on the mayoral race in 2009... more »

Measure B

The Green Energy and Good Jobs for Los Angeles Act, or Measure B, proposed, in March of 2009, the installation of 1,500 acres of silicon panels on top of city-owned rooftops. It promised to create jobs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels by providing 400 megawatts of electricity. At the time, 400 megawatts amounted to about 85 percent of the solar energy that had been installed throughout the entire country... more »

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